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        Implementation of the main crop production fully mechanized push action Add time: 23/06/2016 23:54:07  View: 1116 times

        In 2015, the ministry of agriculture issued the implementation of the entire production mechanization of major crops's opinions on promoting action, main crop production will be fully mechanization push action as "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" the most important work to layout, strive for to the 2020 national basic implementation of 500 fully mechanized demonstration county. Held in changzhou city, jiangsu province, the ministry of agriculture national main crop production mechanization field advance will all the way, the meeting of jiangsu and jilin two as the first batch of "national grain production mechanization comprehensively all the province" for licences, and announced the first 28 national basic realization of full mechanization demonstration county. To this end, this special part of the provincial, city and county and agricultural machinery enterprises to promote the mechanization of advanced experience of practice, to provide reference for the study, the reference and.

        5 years to achieve three major crops full mechanization in the province
        Major crops production in recent years, jiangsu province will accelerate the full mechanization as the important content of modern agriculture construction, around the rice, wheat, corn, canola, potatoes, peanuts, six crops, in accordance with the "government guidance, leading technology, equipment support, service support, we will" development train of thought, strengthen administration, increase policy support, strengthen the mechanism innovation, and strive to 2020 years ago, the whole province to realize the rice, wheat, corn, grain production mechanization, three major crops and sync with its other major crop production mechanization.
        Jiangsu provincial government attaches great importance to speed up the grain production mechanization, be included in the national economy and social development in jiangsu thirteenth five-year plan outline. Documents and the provincial party committee. 1 of the general office of the provincial government to accelerate the transformation of the mode of agricultural development of the implementation opinions "two clearly put forward" to strengthen the construction of full mechanization comprehensively demonstration province of grain production, to the basic realization of full mechanization of grain production in 2020, the province ". Government office issued "about accelerating the opinions of the fully mechanization of grain production, and will be full of grain production mechanization work on all levels of government work appraisal target, form a work mechanism coordination linkage, the whole advancement.
        At the same time of strengthening administrative push, increase financial input, effectively strengthen the construction of full mechanization comprehensively demonstration province of grain production. Provincial government allocated 40 million yuan this year, the official start of grain production mechanization demonstration county construction projects all the way, during the period of "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" provincial finance will arrange special funds of 444 million yuan, the budget to support the construction of full mechanization comprehensively demonstration province of grain production. Integration of all kinds of support for the project at the same time, focus on money, farm machinery science and technology as a whole household, building public service ability of agricultural machinery and equipment, agricultural machinery professional skill for the award to fill projects such as leaning to fully mechanized demonstration county of grain production.
        In order to explore the basic implementation main crop production mechanization development path all the way, jiangsu adhere to guide through the typical drive. Starting this year, jiangsu to organize the implementation of the full mechanization of grain production demonstration to create action, the province construction each year more than 10 full mechanization of grain production demonstration county (city, area). Through demonstration, summarize the whole mechanization technology route, technology model, form a complete set of equipment, operating procedures and service mode, forming a typical replication popularization, intensify demonstration promotion, radiation drive the surrounding area constantly raise the level of the entire production mechanization of major crops.
        The whole county advance and whole township follow up to push the whole mechanization
        Jilin provincial government attaches great importance to and will demonstrate the province construction as an important engine of developing modern agriculture, actively arrangement, overall planning seriously, to promote the implementation, take the province food which promote the whole county, the food which are focused on the way to organize the implementation of the villages and towns overall grain production follow up, through the demonstration province construction, the main food production base in 2020, the province to achieve modernization.
        Fully mechanized construction demonstration province, is a global, systemic, comprehensive strong grand projects, developing faces many problems which need to be cracked, complete good demonstration province construction mission, must want to find out the "change one, move the global" point. To grasp the factors of "development" as the jilin province the swimmer, pushing the construction of demonstration province reinforcement measures, the organization forward.
        One from scratch equipment construction, speed up promote mechanization level in the province. Give full play to the subsidy policy incentives guiding, jilin will subsidize item, the way to 22, all the focus on food production; Focus, the subsidies machine tools required to complete to fully mechanized focus, speed up make up for the whole mechanization "short board" and "weak spot".
        From the building the main body, make the main force of developing modern agriculture. The province according to the layout of "one township a cooperative", in every town street, food which are supporting the construction of a fully mechanized cooperatives, encourage to guide the broad masses of farmers through agricultural mechanization production and the cultivated land, labor, technology elements such as cooperation promote mechanization of scale operation.
        Three from scratch demonstration lead, to create a fully mechanized demonstration area. Project driven strategy, according to the layout of "one township a demonstration zone", in the province of food which are each township, creating an area of not less than 3000 mu of mechanization in the whole process of the demonstration zone, in the province to build a batch of first to promote grain production mechanization all the typical demonstration, make demonstration area, carried around the development of modern agriculture.
        Four from grasp the technical support, set up the entire mechanization production mode. Promote agricultural machinery agricultural integration, the establishment of propulsion mechanism of coordination and cooperation to promote agricultural machinery agronomic phase, integrated demonstration mechanization production mode and supporting all the machinery and equipment, integration of promotion and horsepower tractor kit deep loosening soil preparation, no-till fine quantity sowing seeds, efficient precision applying pesticide, straw returned, conservation tillage, mechanized drying and mechanization technology in the whole process of the implementation of scale operation mode, to speed up the pace of achieving full mechanized operation.
        Five from service security, to create conditions for fully mechanization development. Actively build perfect farm machinery socialization service system, accelerate the development of diversified farm machinery socialization service organization. Actively developing cultivation of agricultural machinery operation service market, to promote agricultural machinery operation service to develop in the direction of marketization, specialization, scale, industrialization.

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